“Dr. Hansen brought her depth of expertise and insight to a brilliant presentation that captivated our audience and left them inspired, which is exactly what one hopes for in a keynote. She took us on a journey, weaving together history, philosophy, science, and educational thought, connecting the dots along the way and helping our attendees see how their work fits into a bigger picture and energizing them for their work.”

– Wendy Shenk-Evans, Montessori Public Policy Institute


While my talks are always tailored to meet the aims and desired outcomes of the conference/event organizers most explore three key questions:

All of my talks integrate historical perspectives, research, and the issue of equity in ways appropriate for the topic and audience to ensure a comprehensive presentation that leaves listeners feeling engaged and pushed to consider new angles on educational theory, practice and policy.

Past topics and titles include:

Ulcca holds the rare gift of being able to translate complex ideas into powerful stories to enable all of us to see and feel the change that is possible.”

-Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss, Director, Unschooled


Ulcca is truly brilliant. I have had the fortune of listening to her share as a presenter and also work alongside her in workshops. Her ability to deeply inspire with engaging and meaningful content while also staying grounded in tangible and actionable ways is outstanding. Ulcca’s ability to recognize and actually see the people in her audience as individual humans and then adjust accordingly struck me. She did not simply come with a stock presentation or thoughts but rather engaged and adjusted with an incredible sense of humility that clearly speaks to her nature as a true educator. She does not enter with all of the answers but with deep knowledge and a willingness to learn, even in the moment.

-Miguel Gonzalez, Director, Embark Education (middle school)

“Your presentation is something I will be processing for quite some time to come. Exploring how both the conventional approach to education as well as the whole child/innovative reform approaches are still rooted in Cartesian/Newtonian/modern western worldview and mental models is a lightbulb moment for me. I’m anticipating some shifts in my own learning and advocacy.”

-Rolando Fernando II, KnowledgeWorks

Ulcca’s clear thinking and inspiring message are a welcome breath of fresh air to help blow away the fog and smog of decades of school reform. Bravo!

–Mark Wilding, PassageWorks


Future of Smart – Ulcca nailed it! Hoping educators, legislators, parents, and communities mobilize to see this clip and take steps to ensure all children can become their personal best, not just for themselves but for the benefit of our world! Educators can’t do it alone. Thank you, Ulcca!

-Mary Kay Sommers

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