Empowering people with new tools and frameworks to engage in the work of transforming education

Building The Future of Education

Ulcca supports educators, systems leaders and advocates working to transform education to re-conceptualize the challenge and adopt an emergent theory of change so they have new tools with which to engage in the conversations and the work

Hi, I’m Ulcca Joshi Hansen, PhD, JD
I am first and foremost an educator, whether as a mother to my two sons, a classroom educator, a workshop leader, speaker or author. For over two decades I have been committed to moving our education system and the players within it in the direction of being human-centered: meeting the developmental needs of young people, reflecting what we know about how learning happens, and honoring the need each of us has to find, develop and live out our unique sense of purpose.
Empowering conversations where they matter the most

Too often we jump into problem-solving mode without ever stepping back to see the bigger picture. 

As teachers, we dive into curriculum and content without first making space for relationships and cultivating a sense of belonging.

As systems-leaders we design policies, programs, efficiencies without first considering the needs of the people within those systems.

As parents, we struggle to help our children navigate and master an educational labyrinth that we barely understand – and that is increasingly misaligned with the world they will encounter beyond their formal education.

Here’s my invitation to you: Pause. Breathe. And let’s explore a new set of questions together.

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The Future of Smart®
  • What if everything we’ve tried to improve education fails because our education system is doing exactly what it was designed to do?
  • What would it take to have an education system that is designed to develop us as better human beings, ready for a rapidly changing future?
  • What would it take to build an education system around what we actually believe is most important for our kids?

“This book is a must-read for thoughtful policymakers, advocates, leaders and citizens interested in the future of education.”

-Todd Rose, Author, The End of Average, Director – Populace

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“Having Dr. Hansen’s special expertise and passion for change in education takes us even closer to ensuring that we can achieve the transformative movement in education we need.”

– Sir Ken Robinson, TED Speaker: “Do Schools Kill Creativity” Author, Creative Schools

“Words fail me in expressing my excitement that Ulcca is an integral member of our dream team of education changemakers. We have a real chance to change learning experiences all around the globe, and her contributions will be remarkable!!”

– Ted Dintersmith, Author, What School Could Be

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“What if…..Why?…..Could we try?….Have you considered?…..I was THAT teacher always asking questions, wondering if there was another way to meet learners’ needs and impact the walled system. Dr. Ulcca Hansen’s research, expertise, and passion provide a path forward as we continue to ask the hard questions for our education profession, our learners, and towards an open system.”

-Linda Kerouac Barker, Educator, Former Manager of Advocacy and Professional Practice, Colorado Education Association

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The Future of Smart

Available on Amazon

The Future of Smart is available now!