Ask WHY? – Letter grades and GPAs

Why do grades drive our kids’ education? Enjoy the last in a series of Ask WHY? videos created in partnership with ATTN: and 180 Studio. We think they mean something, but what if they really don’t? I’m talking about grades and our system’s seeming obsession with grades, GPAs and other ways to rank and sort kids. […]

Ask WHY? – Separating Kids by Age

This video really took off, which says something about how many people agree with the idea that separating kids out by age really makes very little sense. Thanks to ATTN: and 180 Studio for continuing to create engaging and powerful conversation starters!

Ask WHY? – Why Classrooms?

Check out the Second in the series of Ask WHY? videos being created in partnership with ATTN: and 180 Studio. Let’s ask ourselves why we buy into the idea that learning only happens (or at least counts for kids) when it happens in a classroom.