Educating Potential

The 2018 LEGO Ideas Conference

It was such a pleasure to attend the LEGO Ideas Conference in Billund, Denmark! How inspiring it was to meet educators, advocates, policymakers and researchers from around the world who are united in their commitment to ensuring that kids have opportunities to learn in the way that the science of human development and learning tells us is not only enjoyable but also most effective! Check out the highlights below!  

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Learning together at SxSW

It was such fun having a chance to speak with Emily Liebtag a few months back for the Getting Smart podcast from SxSW 2017.  I’m glad that we are having the chance to re-think what equity in education entails. At the end of the day test scores are a limited, inadequate measure of only a small subset of what we know young people need to know and do in order to be able to succeed. In a country where all sorts of systemic and structural issues mean that black, brown and poor children are denied access from everything Maslow’s basics to access to bastions of social, cultural and economic privilege, we need to seriously re-think what a commitment to equity entails.

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