Educating Potential

My journey to learner-centered education

I’ve had the opportunity this fall to visit some amazing schools and connect with folks who have been thinking about and working in the field of learner-centered education for decades. It is always interesting to hear about how people come around to the idea of being more human-centered in our approach to education and young people. So it was fun to be asked to pen this piece, and do a bit of thinking about what my own journey has been.

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NPR Interview: Why Learning Is So Much Bigger Than School

For someone who listens incessantly to public radio today was a total treat! I’ve never been interviewed live on radio so to get to do that for the first time representing Education Reimagined and Convergence at the National Public Radio offices in DC was awesome! Thanks to Frank Stasio, host of The State of Things at WUNC (North Carolina Public Radio), for a fun and far too short conversation about some of the ways that parents, educators and students are trying to shift from our current school-centered system to one that is more learner-centered.

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